2018 Theme

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“A Return to ‘Governance in Dark Times’? Creating Spaces for Citizen Dialogue, Encouraging Engagement in Public Life, and Ensuring Government Transparency and Accountability”

This conference theme is timely as Americans face tragic events – like hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria as well as the Las Vegas massacre – and are divided on political and social issues – like health care, immigration, freedom of expression and silent protest – trust among one another and in government is low. This conference calls for presentations from scholars and practitioners to help guide public and nonprofit servants in these challenging times to create spaces for citizen dialogue, encourage engagement in public life, and ensure government transparency and accountability. Proposals may address the profound challenges of public service in a wide range of public management and policy domains, including, but not limited to: human and social services, nonprofit management, budgeting and financial management, emergency management, and planning and economic development. Presentations may be research papers, case studies, best practices, etc. that highlight authentic models of citizen involvement and engagement in building public trust.

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