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Keynote Speaker

thumbnail_img_8105Rich Diviney

Rich’s purpose in life is to discover, inspire, and accelerate the potential of human beings. His deeply held belief is that each individual has unlimited potential that, once unlocked, can lead to not only living the life of one’s purpose and dreams – but also allow for inspirational contribution to others. This potential often goes untapped due to a lack of understanding and resources from which to draw upon.

It was these beliefs that lead Rich to read Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” and subsequently develop a friendship with him. Through that friendship he was introduced to Bob Chapman and Barry-Whemiller’s philosophy on human centered leadership. After meeting Bob and his team, he knew that this was a family and mission that he was meant to be a part of.

As a Director of Outreach for the Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute, Rich draws upon 20+ years of experience as a Navy SEAL Officer where he completed more than 13 overseas deployments – 11 of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his career, he has achieved multiple leadership positions – to include the Commanding Officer of a Navy SEAL Command. It has been this experience that has forged in his belief system that every human being has a purpose – and why Bob Chapman’s “Everybody Matters” philosophy resonates so deeply. The Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute serves this principle.

Originally from Connecticut, Rich has graduate degrees in International Relations and History. He lives with his wife and two young boys in Virginia Beach, VA.


nortonNorton N. Bonaparte, Jr., City Manager of Sanford

Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr. has served as Sanford’s City Manager since September 2011. The City Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Commission. As the City’s chief administrative officer, the City Manager is directly responsible to the Mayor and City Commission for overseeing all City operations, which includes the oversight of a $107 million budget, and over 500 employees.

Prior to Sanford, Mr. Bonaparte served as the City Manager of Topeka, Kansas, City Administrator of Plainfield, New Jersey, the City Business Administrator of Camden, New Jersey, the Township Manager of Willingboro, New Jersey, and the City Manager of Glenarden, Maryland.

Mt. Bonaparte has taught graduate public management courses at Rutgers University and undergraduate courses in management at National-Louis University’s School of Management and Business. He also served as a principal instructor for the University of Kansas’ Emerging Leaders Academy.

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Sam Brangaccio headshot.jpgPamela Brangaccio, City Manager of New Smyrna

Pamela has served as New Smyrna’s City Manager since 2009. Appointed by the City Commission, the City Manager serves as the administrative head of City government. She provides general guidance and management to City departments, executes Commission policy and the long-range goals and objectives adopted by the City Commission, coordinates City efforts to accomplish cost savings and increased efficiencies, lobbies the State Legislature for more favorable consideration of City funding and legislative requests, and prepares the City’s annual operating budget.

Prior to New Smyrna, Brangaccio served as a consultant for Cities and National Alliance for Innovation, a County Administrator for Broward County, Florida, the County Manager for Bay County, Florida, the Assistant County Administrator for Charlotte County, Florida and the City Manager of Safety Harbor, Florida.

Brangaccio holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Anthropology from the University of South Florida.

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