Panel 6

Jenna Tyler
Ph.D. Candidate
UCF School of Public Administration
Presentation: “Exploring the Relationship between the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System Program and Business Disaster Recovery in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma”
Jenna Tyler is a doctoral student in the Public Affairs PhD program at the University of Central Florida. Her research interests include organizational disaster preparedness and recovery, risk management, and collaborative governance. Jenna recently received a quick response research grant from the Natural Hazards Center to study the effects of Hurricane Irma on businesses in Southern Florida.

Wu Chen
Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
Presentation: “The Function of Social Media in Public Participation in Chinese Emergency Management”
Wu Chen is a visiting scholar who is earning his doctoral degree from the School of Government at Nanjing University. His research interests include emergency management, organizational adaption, disaster resilience and social network analysis. Chen recently joined the China Association for Public Safety and has published a paper in the Tsinghua Crisis Management Research Newsletter. As a visiting scholar, Chen’s research project is a study of the relationship between social networks and an organization’s resilience in emergency management.

Marsha Noel
ICMA Senior Management Fellow
City of Fort Lauderdale
Presentation: “Overcoming Irma: City of Fort Lauderdale”
Noel received her Master in Public Administration from the University of Central Florida and serves as a senior management fellow with the City of Fort Lauderdale through the International City/County Management Association. Her goal is to assist in improving public organizations ( in both its internal operations and external service to communities) through the application of up-to-date research based solutions and/or recommendations. Her research has focused on human resource management – attracting and retaining millennials in the public sector, transformational leadership, and improving civic engagement in government.