Panel 9

Against Evidence: Challenges to Evidence-Based Policymaking
Evidence-based policymaking, like efficient administration, can exist outside both big “P” and small “p” P/politics, meaning outside partisan and policy-driven Politics and outside organizational and institutional power politics. Evidence can stand outside ideology, but can it be insulated from ideological belief and influence? This panel will examine challenges to evidence-based Policymaking from multiple perspectives. Each panel member will offer her or his own perspective, but the conclusion overall will be one of caution: even “evidence” can be politicized, and such politicization can have consequences for the ideals of scientific research.

Thomas Bryer, UCF School of Public Administration
Sarah Stoeckel, Titusville City Council
Anna Eskamani, UCF Doctoral Program in Public Affairs and Florida House of Representatives
Kseniia Ivanova, Tyumen State University, Russia