Panel 8

Emergency Management Healthcare Planning in Disasters
This session highlights the challenges faced in Emergency Management Planning for Healthcare Facilities. All sectors of emergency response must work together to provide for the services and well-being of our most vulnerable populations. We will discuss the various challenges related to emergency power rules in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017. A number of legislative concerns arose from the Florida House Select Committee on Hurricane Preparedness during the committee meetings in 2017. Various panelists will discuss some of the major highlights of this committee in relationship to hurricane preparedness and long-term legislative issues and planning considerations in the healthcare industry.

Steven Lerner, Seminole County Office of Emergency Management
Alan Harris, Seminole County Office of Emergency Management
Debbie Michelet, Allegro Assisted Living Facility
Donna Walsh, Florida Department of Health in Seminole County
Robin Bleier, Florida Health Care Association
Lisa Scherer, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration