Student Engagement

7Students are invited to submit their proposals for a poster presentation at PARC 2019!

Students from diverse disciplines and studies can submit a proposal for poster presentation, including, but not limited to:

• School of Public Administration (all programs)
• Political Science
• Legal Studies
• Criminal Justice
• Public History

There are two categories of posters which might be submitted:

  • A research poster highlighting completed or ongoing student or team research. These posters would include an introduction, a literature review, project methodology, results and conclusions to date.


  • A showcase poster highlighting outstanding student or public administration student organization work on a community project, service-learning project, internship impact, or significant volunteer work with a community organization.

Poster presentations may be research papers, professional projects, service learning projects, case studies or analytical papers. Current or past projects are eligible.

Please submit your proposal (title, abstract [not to exceed 250 words], and author/s contact information) to

Submission should include:

  • A half page summary detailing the content for your poster idea. Be clear about the research involved or the community impact to be discussed.
  • Identify any team members that may be part of your poster presentation.
  • Please indicate whether your poster fits in the research or showcase category.

Accepted students will have their poster printing costs reimbursed, and will be awarded a scholarship for full conference attendance. The deadline for submission is February 1, 2019. For more information, view the full call for proposals.